XEM of Virtex-5?

I am a happy user of XEM-3010, and getting good results in using it. Now, I plan to enhance my XEM-3010-based application, and wish to be able to use RocketIO that Virtex-5 offers. A question for O-K; is there a Virtex-5 XEM in your new product pipeline ?:rolleyes:

@mahengjie-- Unfortunately, we cannot comment on future (unannounced) products in public. However, if you contact support@opalkelly.com, we can discuss a bit more candidly about your requirements.

I just saw you have new V5 based xem5010 module. Unfortunately (to me) the Virtest 5 chip XC5VLX50-1FGG676 you have chosen does not have the signature hard cores that V5 offers, those cores are the reasons for making me want to go with Virtex-5, like gigbit MACs, PCI_express, ppc405 cpu, and most importantly (to me) the RocktI/Os

@mahengjie-- This is why we encourage customers to contact us directly. It allows us to get details of what our customers are looking for in future products.