Xem-6310 usb 3.0


I Just received my XEM-6310, every things works except it is recognized as USB 2.0 instead USB 3.0, I am using Mac-book Pro with USB 3.0 ports and running Windows 7 on bootcamp, please help

We use the XEM6310 with USB 3.0 successfully on the MacBook Pro with Retina here with Mac OS X.

However, Windows 7 does not natively support USB 3.0 and requires additional drivers to be installed. Have you installed these drivers? From Apple’s USB 3.0 FAQ:

[QUOTE]Is USB 3 supported in Windows 7 using Boot Camp?
Yes. To implement SuperSpeed USB support on Windows 7 using Boot Camp, download and install the Windows Support Software. See http://manuals.info.apple.com/en_US/boot_camp_install-setup_10.7.pdf for more information.[/QUOTE]

Solved, default cable that came with the kit was the culprit, changed USB 3.0 cable and every thing works fine

FYI - Cables are fine, just push them in further. We had the same issue, the additional USB 3.0 data pins are near the top/back of the connector.

Well, yes, there have been some issues with cables not being tucked in well enough. But we’ve also had one (small) lot of USB 3.0 cables that were shipped out to customers that were not performing. Since then, we’ve been checking cables from manufacturers much better and have had to send back many cables.

The trouble appears with many varying costs and qualities of cables, so certainly not focused on “inexpensive ones”. It just seems that cable consistency is something we need to monitor until the manufacturers provide better product.