XEM-3050, ok_DoneNotHigh error when loading bitstream

I’m using a XEM-3050 and observed the ok_DoneNotHigh error when trying to downlaod the bitstream. I removed the ferrite beads (1, 2, 3, 4).
The board is powered via VDC pin on JP3 connector with a 5V DC supply. The FPGA platform consumes 444mA with an empty configuration.

I’ve been using this platform before successfully.

Is there a semiconductor failure on the Spartan-3 ?

Thanks for your support

What voltage are you supplying to the VCCOs now that you have removed the ferrite beads?

Thanks for your reply.

The VCCOs are supplied at 1.8V.

But the error occured whenever the ferrite beads are soldered or unsoldered.

Moreover, when I mount the ferrite beads the FPGA is going quickly in high temperature(I mean really high temperature).

Seems that there is a CC somewhere that cause this over temperature on the FPGA.


Yes, this likely means the FPGA has been upset in some way. Without knowing specific details of your connections to the board, it’s impossible to know how.