XEM 3010 Connector

Hi Everyone,
I am sorry for asking basic question. I am new to this field.I have bought XEM 3010. I want to use the I/O of the XEM 3010. Can anyone guide me how to find any connector to connect XEM 3010. I dont want to use BRK 3010 because it will increase the size of the design.

Please read the XEM3010 User’s Manual. As one would expect, there is information there about the connector.

As i have mentioned i new to this field. may be i could not understand well.can you explain it more ? I have read that one. They have mentioned about BRK 3010 which i don’t want to use. I am looking for simple male to male connector for that board. please suggest me any connector even is available on opal kelly Store.

Please see the section on page 8 titled “Expansion Connectors”.

These are available through the online store in the “Accessories” tab. Look for HDR-BTE-040.