WireOuts not working when bit file booted from SPI EEPROM on XEM3005

This is the damnedest thing; I can’t figure out what could even cause this. I have a bit file that I developed for my XEM3005 system, with WireIns, WireOuts, TriggerIns, and BTPipeIns, and a matching Front Panel profile to control it. When I download the bit file via USB, and start up the front panel profile to control it, everything works. I downloaded the bit file to the SPI EEPROM using flashloader.exe. Then I change the switch and boot from the EEPROM (I’m using the BRK3005 to supply the power to the XEM3005 from the USB 5V, so I am booting by briefly removing the USB cable and restarting the Front Panel profile.). The FPGA is configured from EEPROM and everything seems to work, except for the WireOuts, which are not returning anything, or maybe always returning 0’s. I’ve gone back and forth several times: it works when the bitfile is downloaded from USB, doesn’t work when booted from EEPROM. The WireIns, TriggerIns and BTPipeIns clearly produce the desired outputs from the FPGA in both cases. Only the WireOuts aren’t returning data (from two different FPGA inputs) when the FPGA is booted from EEPROM. I’m using Front Panel rev 3.1.0, and hi_muxsel is set to a constant ‘0’. Does anybody have any ideas? Thanks.

I thought I had tried everything, but I realized that I hadn’t tried fully stopping and restarting FrontPanel before and after doing the reboot from EEPROM. When I do that in the correct order, I now can get the data from the WireOuts. Sorry for the false alarm, feel free to kill this thread.