Windows Unable To Recognize Device

I was working on a output serial interface project for the XEM-7001, but began experiencing problems after flashing a bitfile via USB. Upon reconnecting the USB, windows prompted an error message that “the USB device malfunctioned, and windows doesn’t recognize it.”

I attempted to reinstall the Frontpanel USB driver, which worked twice, but the second time the Frontpanel endpoints were receiving garbage values. Now it will not recognize the device even after reinstalling the driver. I have viewed the Frontpanel SDK on trouble shooting problems to no avail. I am fairly careful about over-voltages and ESD events, as per standard engineering practice.
We just recently purchased the board and I wanted to inquire about trying to get it repaired or replaced. Any help would be appreciated.

After about a week I attempted to reconnect my device, and it recognized it (no changes to the board, it just worked out of the blue). I programmed a bitfile to the board and it worked perfectly as intended → IO pins, USB communication and LEDS.
After about 15 minutes the USB communication to Frontpanel began to fail, garbage values were displayed and the board couldn’t be reprogrammed. Despite this, the board continued to function perfectly → serial communication continued as expected, full board functionality remained. Upon reconnection the device no longer was recognized.

I believe the error was USB communication based and not FPGA based. Have you come across any problems like this before? What can I do to repair the communication to the board?