Windows Logo compatibility testing prevents XEM3010 installation

We recently purchased an XEM3010 integration board, and we are attempting to attach it to a PC. When we plug in the USB connector to the PC’s USB port, Windows displays a message bubble that an Opal Kelly XEM3010 is present and needs to be installed. When we run the installation program, the following Hardware Installation Error message is displayed:

[COLOR=“Red”][I]The software you are installing for this hardware:

Opal Kelly XEM3010

has not passed Windows Logo testing to verify its compatibility with Windows XP (Tell me why this testing is important.)

This hardware will not be installed. Contact your system administrator.[/I][/COLOR]

Our system administrator is currently tracking this down on the Windows side of things, but I am hoping that you have some insight on this. Is there a solution on the Opal Kelly side to enable me to install and use the XEM3010?

Ken (and all): We are not familiar with this error situation. In most cases, Windows will announce that the driver is not certified, but will allow the user to continue. Does anyone else know if a security setting is not allowing installation?