Why FileError happens when configFPGA again?

I make two different bit files for FPGA to input and output data.
i can switch these two model free by load these two file(ConfigureFPGA) before my PC communicate with FPGA. But after FPGA have worked if i want to change work model and then function ConfigureFPGA() will return FileError, I want to know why it happens and what’s this error info means.
My OS: Professional Version 2002 SP3
Opal Kelly Type : XEM3010 Firmware version :V3.1
Develop language: C# .NET 2.0

 Many thanks for your help!


FileError is returned when ConfigureFPGA cannot access the file. (such as when you try to open a file that doesn’t exist)

i have loaded this file before communicate with FPGA, so is there other reason causing FileError?

It there any probability that when ConfigureFPGA() method finished it don’t release this bit file?

This doesn’t seem to be the case. Our test procedures re-use the same bitfile over and over with ConfigureFPGA and do not have an issue. Also, you can load the same file repeatedly with the FrontPanel application.

ConfigureFPGA is a simple wrapper for ConfigureFPGAFromMemory that includes the opening and reading of the file. You could write the file routines yourself and see where they fail for your system.