Where to find datasheets for the 3001?

Hi, I couldn’t find this on the site anywhere…sorry for the noob question :stuck_out_tongue:

Please see here:


thanks for your reply…I was hoping to see something with actual schematics like power supply etc…does the EASM 3d model file show these?

We do not distribute schematics of our products. Is there some detail that is not included in the documentation that you need?

Hi, thanks for your reply,
I’m just wondering how to go about making schematics for a production run…usually eval/prototype boards provide a schematic, right?.. that you can copy over portions for use with your prototype schematic. I guess you guys have a reason for not wanting people to do that…but I’ve looked for schematics for the xilinx chips/eval boards and they don’t have enough info either, so I can’t really do a prototype…arg…

andersod2 - Our products are not sold as evaluation products. Our products are designed to be used as-is and integrated into your product, easing the design burden by not requiring the FPGA portion of the design. In particular, the USB interface, software drivers, and protocols.