Where is the okLibrary.vhd for ZEM4310?

When I have recompile …/Samples/PipeTest/ZEM4310-VHDL/PipeTest.vhd, I have got an error;
“Error (10482): VHDL error at PipeTest.vhd(109): object “okHost” is used but not declared”

When I have recompiled with the verilog file …/Samples/PipeTest/ZEM4310-Verilog/PipeTest.v, it is O.K.

In the …/Samples/ReadMe.txt file, at section 5. Building Samples Bitfiles Using ALTERA QUARTUS / Step 4: Copy Opal Kelly FrontPanel HDL files it is written as follows;

  • okLibrary.vhd - VHDL component declarations (VHDL projects only).

But there is not okLibrary.vhd file for ZEM4310 in the …\FrontPanelUSB\FrontPanelHDL\ZEM4310 directory.
Where is it?

Thanks in advance.

Please email support@opalkelly.com. This was inadvertently left out of the previous release. A new release is scheduled very soon.