What File need for using XEM-3005 Board


Sorry for very naive question,
accidental I pour water on a XEM3005 board when I tried to replace the USB connector and I confuse about how to program a new board.

  1. When I buy a new board I will also receive front face to “load/program the board” is that correct ?
  2. What the file I need it to program the XEM3005 ?
    I have UCF file and some other file I like to know if thats all the file I need or I need more ?
    because this board control by a program in PC offcourse I have the PC program and the USB driver

I do not want to spend 250USD plus shipment and tax and then find out the file I have is missing something and the board is useless to me.
I can not find the program writer because it an custom equipment and I do not know the author
so please if some one has any idea how to solve my problem


If you purchased some other piece of equipment that has the XEM3005 in it, you will need to contact the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for information and support. We cannot guarantee that what you receive from us with a new board would be compatible with anything they have provided as they may have made changes.

Generally speaking, a Xilinx FPGA bitfile is required to program the XEM3005. If you’re not familiar with FPGAs or these files, we further suggest you contact the OEM.


actually its not a real OEM it just a plain XEM3005 board with 4 small aditional board with ADC I can trace the connection its not much.
The devices is programmed by a"friend" for multi channel freq monitoring. unfortunately I have no idea how to contact the programmer.