What can I do with an Evaluation board

dear support,

I just received an evaluation Shuttle LX1 board.

I want to ask, to what extent is it(the evaluation board) useful? I have been able to checkout the exercises (First, Counters and Controls), and it seems there isnt much I can do with the board.

q1) I would like to build my own project (for ex: first.xml). Could I do this buy just using an editor - as in via command line?
where can I find the list of components? ( I viewed the code for the samples and observed an instantiation in the form below:)



as in where can I find a list of classes, so I could study them?

q2) With the evaluation board / other of your boards could I write my own classes?

q3) on my eval-board, it seems the output are just limited to a couple of LEDs, etc? is this correct? suppose I work on a project that needs more output, what board can I order for?

Hello Tokunbo–

The Shuttle LX1 is an FMC carrier. Presumably, you purchased it because you have (or are designing) an FMC module to communicate to.

Your other questions are answered in the FrontPanel User’s Manual and Shuttle LX1 User’s Manual. Have you referred to these sources?