Weird bug



I just encountered a weird bug. If I use FrontPanel to download and control my bit-files onto the XEM3001, it works fine. But when I try to use compiled applications, or I write a little program myself (even First.bit doesn’t work, and FPGADes was working before) then I am able to open and initialize the channel, but the program fails to download the bit-file. I repeat: FrontPanel works just fine. Any idea how to solve this problem? Might it be a problem with the drivers?

For the record: I installed FrontPanel 1.2.3a and the new firmware. I have a XEM3001v2.


:smiley: Apparently the bug appears if you keep FrontPanel on and execute a program which communicates with the FPGA at the same time. Is it normal?



Hi Santini-

While not really a ‘bug’, I would say this is certainly an undesirable (and currently unavoidable) issue. FrontPanel continually polls the device to retrieve updated WireIn and TriggerIn values. Your application undoubtedly also communicates with the device. The problem is that there is no “semaphore” to control access to the XEM, so the two applications may step on each other.

We added the “Enable FrontPanel Updates” checkbox to FrontPanel to help reduce any issues you may have with this. When the checkbox is unchecked, FrontPanel stops querying the device.