Vivado XEM7001 okCoreHarness : error generated from encrypted envelope

New to Vivado and tried to build the XEM7001 counters example project. Getting a cryptic error:

[Synth 8-5809] Error generated from encrypted envelope. [“E:/Vivado/project_1/project_1.srcs/sources_1/new/okCoreHarness.v”:12480]

Can anyone point me in the right direction? Not turning up much at Google or Xilinx.

Any example Front Panel / Vivado project would be appreciated.

Which version of Vivado are you using? This is not an error that we’ve encountered before.

Vivado v2016.2 (64-bit)
SW Build 1577090 on Thu Jun 2 16:32:40 MDT 2016
IP Build 1577682 on Fri Jun 3 12:00:54 MDT 2016

Just to be sure, have you followed all the steps laid out in the README found in the Samples folder? The Vivado project instructions are near the bottom of the file. It also appears as though you had the “Copy sources into project” option selected when adding your sources to the project. While I can’t think of a reason that this would cause the error you saw, it might be worth a try leaving that option unchecked when setting up the project again.

Once you’ve tried all of the above, if you still encounter the error could you send the projects xpr file along with a support request to This will open a ticket which will make it easier to track the problem and exchange files.

Tom. Thanks. I’m still not exactly sure how that particular project got corrupted, but I was able to make the project several different ways (copy sources, don’t copy source, put sources in a subfolder, etc…) without getting that error again.

I’m glad things are working out okay now!