Visual Basic Help with Opal Kelly DLL

I know you don’t specifically support visual basic with Opal Kelly, but I have seen a few posts on here where people were successfully using it. I tried running the code from this post, but I’m having trouble getting it to work. I am using a 64-bit machine and I’m not sure how to handle the 32-bit vs 64-bit through visual basic. Do you have any working examples for Visual Basic using the Opal Kelly DLL? I am just learning visual basic so I don’t really know what I’m doing there, but I know other software/hardware languages so I’m picking it up pretty quick, but I may be making very simple mistakes. If you could show any working example in Visual basic that would be very helpful.

I’m using an XEM5010, but if I could see any example of how to interact with the Opal Kelly DLL in visual basic that would be really helpful.


Figured it out so hopefully this post helps someone else out. You need to change all the places where it says “okUsbFrontPanel_” to “okFrontPanel_”. Once I did this my function calls worked. It would be nice if Opal Kelly included a little example on using this in their samples code

Thanks for the post. It would be great if you could post your file to our Contributions forum so other people could benefit!

Hi rho88!

What FrontPanel Version did you use? I’m trying with Frontpanel 4.3.1 and a XEM6010_LX45 board