Using FrontPanel HDL on Quartus 14.0

Hi folks,

There is a bug in Altera’s Quartus II 14.0 release that prevents the Opal Kelly FrontPanel HDL from building properly. Altera has provided a patch to remedy this, and they have informed us that the problem will be resolved in 14.1.

  1. Download the .zip file from and run the .exe included. Make sure that your Quartus II 14.0 installation is selected as the target.
  2. Create your new Quartus project.
  3. Place the okHostMicrocode.hex file in the same directory as the Quartus project file (.qpf)
  4. Run the Analysis and Synthesis step.
  5. Update the memory initialization file: Processing → Update memory initialization file. You may get a few warnings, but you should see the message “Quartus II 64-Bit MIF/HEX Update was successful.”
  6. Proceed with build as usual.

Step 5 is only required once per project. If you already have a (non-working!) Quartus 14.0 project, you will need to recreate it with the above steps.

If you have any questions regarding this patch, please contact us either here on the forum or email us at