Using Front Panel API with Visual C++ MFC application

I want to build a “dialog based” MFC app in Visual C++ 2010. My console VC++ app runs, I can configure theFPGA successfully, but when I use the VC++ App Wizard to make a “dialog based” app (so I can have buttons, text boxes, etc) I get a linker error:
“LNK2019: unresolved external symbol _okFrontPanelDLL_LoadLib”

My understanding is that we use “explicit linking”, by calling this LoadLib function, rather than using implicit linking, by pointing the linker to a .lib file.

I think maybe I’m just missing a linker switch somewhere, but have not figured it out.

Thanks for any help



I’m not sure how the wizard stuff works, but you need to include our .cpp and .h files in your project. I suspect that these are not being compiled and linked with your project.

The way the DLL works is this… You include the source code to the “stub functions” which create real, callable methods that in turn call to the DLL. These stub functions are compiled with your project.

You’re right, it wasn’t obscure at all, I just neglected to include the .cpp file.

Thanks a lot!