Use of provided DLL


Hi all,
I 'm interested in the new API recently provided (which enhances USB perf)
but i’m unable to link with the provided .lib file.
I’m using MS VIsual Toolkit 2003 (free tool)
What symbols are exported ?
Could you provided a VC6 export lib ?



The beta DLL is built in the same way as the DLL that is included in FrontPanel 1.2.5 (for example). Therefore, the .c and .h headers included for DLL use in that distribution should work just fine.

When we officially release this version with FrontPanel, we may include a VC6 distribution. Although, that is not 2 versions back in Microsoft’s Visual Studio and the DLL provides more thorough compatibility, so we may be moving away from .lib files. Nothing has been officially decided on that, though.