USB / XEM3001v2 hanging up

We have a problem seen on two different computers. Both Windows XP. We are using an XEM3001v2 board with Python 2.4.4 and the FrontPanel-v1.3.Setup.exe program for driver installation.

The board / Xilinx hangs up after a few seconds / few minutes and we can no longer communicate with the board. We are blinking some lights and those stop. We see in the Device manager that the list of devices update and on one machine the USB controllers changes from opal kelly to unknown. On the other machine, we see the device list update but it still says opal kelly in the list. It’s as if the USB drivers are being refreshed and the system decides to do something with all the USB drivers. I am not sure what is causing this.

Thanks for any help.

Does this occur with our samples?

What are the XEM3001 devices attached to? This sounds as though something is causing the devices to reset – as if power is dropping or being interrupted.

I think the issue was that our design was quite large and when compiling it with ISE, we would get different timing delays on certain signals. It would impact the endpoints at some point and effectively “hang up”. At that point the board would not be recognized by the driver. We recompiled multiple times and the problem went away. We upgraded to the 3010 board so hopefully this doesn’t happen any more.


You probably already considered this, but the XEM6001 is mostly a drop-in replacement for the XEM3001 if you already have a design built. The Spartan-6 is also somewhat more dense than the Spartan-3 on the XEM3001 so your design should have plenty of space.