USB Connector Part Info


Starting a very compact project with the 3005, the specs look great, the board is tiny… what an effort!

I have not been able to find connector part info on the USB Micro Connector in your documentation. Can you please provide Manufacturer, Man Part No., Full Connector Description (is this Micro A, Micro B, Micro AB, Mini B), Info on mating connectors for instance, I need a very compact “internal to the covers” type connector wiring/routing. Vender info would also be appreciated…

Also note, we had to sample parts from Samtec for the BTE connectors…

Many thanks,


Hi Bill–

We will add some information for this to the documentation.

The connector on our end is a Molex 54819-0572 which is a Mini-B connector. This is a pretty standard connector. For example, it’s the same as is on several pocket digital cameras and so on.

What did you mean that you had to sample BTE parts? Samtec does provide excellent sample services. We also sell the connectors here through our online store.


Back again… Can I get the taller BTE mating connectors from you guys? Do you have a part number, and price, or what do I need to tell purchasing to enable them to get the taller part [from OK] (I have a possible height interferance problem, since our purchasing can’t get me the taller part).



Hi Bill–

The part numbers are listed in the XEM3005 User’s Manual (page 8). They’re basically the same part number with -01- -02- … -05- for differing heights. The FrontPanel installation CD also includes the BSE and BTE datasheets from Samtec or you can get them from their webpage.

We only stock the smaller connector, but you can get the others from Samtec. Their typical response time on “Sudden Samples” is pretty quick!