USB Bulk Transfers and bus errors


I’m using okBTPipeOut to move data to my PC host, all working fine currently.
I’m focussed on an acquisition case just now, so primarily moving data to host.

I have a question on Bulk transfers to the host in the presence of bus errors, and data loss, both on the FPGA internal and API side.

Do you have any resources you can point me to that address error detection, re-transmissions, what I would have to do to build a reliable lossless interface? Or at least to handle or detect data loss etc.



Maybe I can be more explicit with the question.

The implementation I mentioned above does not have anything I see to address re-transmitting of data and the designer who implemented did not see anything in the hardware to allow him to re-transmit on error etc.
So how are bus errors handled? Are they “absorbed by the controller”.

Is there anyway at the FPGA to detect the error rate? Or is it just seen as a loss of throughput?
I haven’t found a reference or a forum post that addresses this