Upgrade from 5.0.2 to 5.2.12


we have been using version 5.0.2 for years and recently switched to 5.2.12 for some of the fixes we needed. We always include the okFrontPanel.dll in our distribution. That means our exe should pick up the correct version of the DLL.

We have our users install Frontpanel before using our software and that is working well. My question is:

Do our users have to upgrade to Frontpanel 5.2.12 in order to run our software or is simply having the DLL together with our exe sufficient. And in case they have to upgrade how would older versions of our software fare if they are run on the same machine if Frontpanel 5.2.12 were installed (mind you our older releases still have the 5.0.2 DLL). Any insight would be appreciated.