Update the front panel from FP3.0.11 to 3.1.7

I use the FP3.0.11 in my win XP 32bit PC. I just try to uninstall the FP3.0.11 and install the FP3.1.7 and the device (XEM3050) is no more recognized by the computer. How can I install properly the front panel and the usb drivers ?

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Be sure to read this page on the differences that came around with FrontPanel 3.1:


Thank you.
I’ve checked the delta between FP3.0.11 and 3.1.6.
During my install, after the install the sofware automatically I have to select the *.inf file as shown in the picture below FP3.1.6_install_select_inf.bmp[ATTACH=CONFIG]224[/ATTACH]. And whatever the slected file at the end the installation fails with the following error: [ATTACH=CONFIG]225[/ATTACH].
Any idea on what’s wrong.

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FP3.1.6_install_select_inf.JPG (31.7 KB)

FP3.1.6_install.JPG (69.6 KB)


In device manager, try right clicking on the device, selecting “Update Driver…” and pointing directly to the driver installed at “Program Files/Opal Kelly/FrontPanel/Driver”.

See if that helps.


thanks for the reply.
I’ve tried to update the driver from the device manager by pointing the “Program Files/Opal Kelly/FrontPanel/Driver” but windows replies that no better driver can be installed as it is shown in this picture[ATTACH=CONFIG]226[/ATTACH].
Something is still wrong with my computer:confused:.

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FP3.1.6_udate_driver.JPG (32.4 KB)

Have you tried to uninstall the driver?

Otherwise, it sounds like something has gone awry with your driver setup and you may need to either go back to a Windows restore point or do some Windows registry acrobatics to “truly” remove the driver. Windows makes it pretty difficult to remove all remnants of a driver, but there is an abundance of assistance available online.