Unstable readings from WireOuts - take 2


(This is to opal kelly support, but please anyone with any feedback please respond)

I am seeing a very similar problem to the report titled “Unstable readings from WireOuts” by Kamtsa in the front panel forum. I figured I would start a new thread about it. I need to do more investigation, but I basically am seeing about the same 10% failure rate when reading in wires using UpdateWireOuts() and GetWireOutValue(). Similar to Kamtsa’s problem, I am seeing 0xffff, and also do not think I have a problem with my verilog code. Dissimilar to Kamtsa’s problem, I am using the fairly stardard windows tool flow (a simple visual C++ program compliled with Microsoft visual studio.net 2003 7.1.3088, and a 3015 board).

I see from the orignal thread it appeared to be a compile issue, but I am seeing something that on the surface appears to be similar but with a different tool flow.
My first question is do you have any ideas what I may be seeing ? If not, I can do some more investigating on my own, i.e, try to come up with the simplest test case to show the problem.

If I can come up with this test case, can I send you both the CPP and the v files so that you can take a look at it ?




What version of the firmware do you have on the XEM3010?


How do I check what the firmware revision is ?

It is a relativly recent purchase, I got it maybe a month ago.

(It is a 3010 board, with the 1500 Xilinx)




Randy, you can check your Firmware Version, Serial Number, and Device ID string by launching FrontPanel and hitting I (or going to FrontPanel Menu -> Set Device ID).



Thanks, the firmware revision is 1.2


Randy, you can upgrade your board to Firmware 1.4, but I doubt that will fix your issue.

Are your wireOuts ep_datain data being update asynchronously? Perhaps you’re having glitches when the UpdateWireOuts() command (which triggers a ti_clk synchronous capture of data) operates as the same time your asynchronous data is changing? This may generate a 0xffff “caputure” to a okWireOut module.

If you would like to send some test files to support@opalkelly.com, we’ll take a look at them.



Can you tell me how do update the firmware ? As you suggest, that probably wont solve the issue, but let me give it a try.

If that doesnt work, I will send you some sample code that is very simple.




First, download the latest firmware package from the Software Downloads forum: http://forums.opalkelly.com/showthread.php?t=260

The latest package is from 2006-05-31.

Once connected to the XEM you want to update with the FrontPanel application, go to the menu FrontPanel -> Update Device Firmware. Follow the wizard and select the package you just downloaded. On the next option, make sure you select the latest version (1.4) and you probably just need to Download the firmware to the EEPROM, but of course, you can reset anything else you’d like.

You must be a registered customer to download files (meaning a forum member and verified to be an Opal Kelly customer). I’ll check and make sure you are.


I sent an amail along with an attachement that hopefully contains enough information to duplicate the issue. Unfortunatly when I sent it, it got bounced back because of the attachment. I resent it and I think it got through.

Can you send me an email or post something here so that I know you got the email and attachement ?