Uninstall new version of FP completely and revert to 1.3 or 1.4 version


In our company we have many versions of the XEM3010, with various firmware loads. I recently had to test a couple of cards with firmware 3.0 on them, so I installed the newer version of FP. Now I have to go back to the older version so that I can work with some of my older cards with the 1.4 version of the firmware.

I have uninstalled the new version, tried to find every related file that I can think of, deleted those, and then installed the older 1.4 version of FP. It looks like all has gone well until I plug in the XEM3010. Then during install of the hardware, in the "Found New Hardware Wizard, I get a popup “The file “WinUSBCoInstaller.dll” on Opal Kelly Installations Disc is needed.” I cannot find the dll on the CD that installs the older version of FP and I suspect that this is a hold out from the 3.0 version.

How can I completely remove the new version so I can revert back to the older version?

Thanks in advance,

The only reliable way we know of to roll back a driver without getting involved in Windows registry details is by reverting to a Windows Restore Point.