Unable to program: usb transfer error


I’m trying to program an XEM3010’s FPGA over USB using FrontPanel, but keep getting a status message saying: “FPGA configuration failed: USB transfer error” immediately after selecting my .bit file.

I’ve tried powering the board off of both a DC adapter and USB with the same results. J1 is in place so it shouldn’t be getting the configuration from PROM. FrontPanel recognizes the board is connected- I can even successfully set the PLL timings and read them back!

The only other odd thing is that the board is not recognized every other time I use FrontPanel’s “scan for USB devices” command (that is, if the board is currently recognized, using that command removes the board form the drop-down menu of available devices and most options become greyed-out), but it recognizes it both upon inital load and immediately when I connect the board after the program is open.

What is going wrong?

What is the firmware version on the board? Which version of the FrontPanel application are you using?

I’m currently using FrontPanel ver 3.1 with firmware 3.0.

Is firmware 3.1 required for more than just more robust untethered support?

Oh, and I guess it’s worth adding that I’m using 32-bit Windows XP

Firmware 3.1 is not required.

It sounds as though you might have a faulty board. You should contact support at opalkelly dot com.