Unable to compile RAMTester.cpp - error: ?srand? was not declared in this scope

I am getting a compile error when attempting to compile RAMTester.cpp.

The compile returns:
g++ -fPIC -DLINUX -c RAMTester.cpp
RAMTester.cpp: In function ?int main(int, char**)?:
RAMTester.cpp:216: error: ?srand? was not declared in this scope
make: *** [RAMTester.o] Error 1

Does the Makefile need to be modified to include a missing library reference, or does this function need to be pre-declared?



I think you might need to add #include to pull that in for Linux.

We’ll look into it and update the sample source.

Hi. The sample RAMtester directory was also missing the mt_random.cpp file. I found this in another thread and downloaded it.

I’ve got the program working.

Please add this to the next build of FrontPanel.




Thank you. This file was missing from the Linux distribution. We’ve updated the distribution, sources, and Makefile.lnx. The update will be in the next version which we hope to release next week.