Two Different OK Boards with two FrontPanel Instances

I have 2 6001’s controlled from 2 instances of a Windows command line program (using the API) running in different CMD windows.

The pipes seem to stop working on one unit unless one of the OK boards is set to “PROM”.

They are being opened using serial numbers, and work fine as single units. Both work to reload .bit files even when the pipes are jammed. Both can always connect successfully through the API. I always get the correct serial number response.

Is there something I missed?

I can’t think of why the PROM switch would have anything to do with this.

You may want to check a few seemingly unrelated items such as pin location mappings. Two independent applications should be just fine transferring to two devices simultaneously. We’ve had multiple USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 devices talking to our EVB1005/EVB1006 cameras at the same time, displaying real-time video.