Tutorial 3 problem with VC 2005 Express linker



I got a problem when I build the tutorial 3 with VC++ 2005 Express. Following is the error message:
LINK : fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file ‘okFrontPanel.lib’

Is this a problem due to my VC version?




This sounds like a setup problem. Is okFrontPanel.lib where you expect it to be? (or more importantly, where VS expects it to be?)


Thanks! It is a setup problem!

The problem is gone After I installed MS platform SDK and enabled winapp following MS on-line instructions. The tutorial 3 passed compilation and link.

Now, I got another problem for my own project: I setup a new project (Windows Forms Application, while tutorial 3 is Win32 Console Application) and put one line into the main program:

okCUsbFrontPanel *xem = new okCUsbXEM3001v2();

Then, I got the following link error:
error LNK2028: unresolved token (0A000011) “public: __clrcall okCUsbXEM3001v2::okCUsbXEM3001v2(void)” (??0okCUsbXEM3001v2@@$$FQAM@XZ) referenced in function “int __clrcall main(cli::array^)” (?main@@$$HYMHP$01AP$AAVString@System@@@Z)

error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol “public: __clrcall okCUsbXEM3001v2::okCUsbXEM3001v2(void)” (??0okCUsbXEM3001v2@@$$FQAM@XZ) referenced in function “int __clrcall main(cli::array^)” (?main@@$$HYMHP$01AP$AAVString@System@@@Z)

If I setup a similar project, change it to Win32 Console Application. Then there is no link error any more.

The setup option is the same as tutorial 3. I am using VC++ 2005 express. Is there any setup options that I should change if using Windows Forms Application?



Sorry, I do not have any experience with Windows Forms.

Anyone else have an idea on this one?


I can get the link passed now. The solution is to change Common Language Runtime support from “clr/pure” to “clr/”.

However, my project cannot talk to FPGA. I got the same or very similar problems as those in previous posters: FPGA cannot be initialised and false value is returned for open device, get serial number, …

The same thing happened to Tutorial 3 if I change it from release mode to debug mode.

Is this a problem with my setup in debug mode?