Trigger Out Question


I have a question about Trigger out. I folllowed the “Part III - Using the FrontPanel C++ API” tutorial and I was able to get that working. Then, I tried to add another Trigger Out by doing:

ep50 : okTriggerOut port map (
ok1 => ok1, ok2 => ok2,
ep_addr => x"50", ep_clk => clk1, ep_trigger => TrigOut50);

And used the same C API to detect the changes:

while (1)
if (xem->IsTriggered(0x50, 1))
printf(“see it…\n”);

However, it was able to detect the changes with 0x60 (the original trigger out), but it wasn’t able to do it for 0x50. So I find that very weird, and I was wondering if any1 has any idea for this or could point to useful documentations to resolve this question. Maybe it only supports one trigger out something…

Thank You,
Larry Chen

Trigger out endpoints are in the range 0x60 to 0x7f. These ranges are listed with all other endpoints in the FrontPanel User Manual.

Thank you for pointing that out. I will definitely look into that.