Transfer Speeds

Front panel 3 states that it supports 38MB/s transfer speeds. Is this sustained or peak? I’m am looking at a DAQ type application and would like to know what the sustained transfer rate would be using a XEM3010.


This is a difficult question to answer because it depends on so many things: your OS, your OS load, your specific hardware setup, your HDL and software implementation, among others.

Hardware (USB host controller, motherboard, processor) can have as much as a 25% difference in transfer rates among the same HDL, XEM, and software.

Neither USB nor Windows are designed for real-time, so all sorts of things will interrupt transfers including moving windows around a screen and disk access. If you can control these things in your environment, all the better.

Bottom line is that we have seen transfers up to 38 MB/s in real situations (i.e. hardware than can actually work and isn’t just some test hardware), but we cannot guarantee anything.

There is some information in the PDF FrontPanel User’s Manual that discusses throughput. Simply put, your best bet is to use long transfers and eliminate other things that Windows may give attention to. Also keep in mind that low latency and bandwidth are in direct conflict in a protocol such as USB.