Timeout when using WriteToPipeIn


My partner and I are using a XEM3010 board for a project. He’s handling the FPGA/hardware side of things, while I’m writing the desktop application in C#/.NET Framework 3.5.

We’re attempting to test writing to a Pipe endpoint, but when calling [FONT=“Courier New”]WriteToPipeIn[/FONT] it returns the Timeout error code. That’s all well and good, but we’re having trouble isolating where in the process of things the timeout is occurring. FYI, we’re not sending much data: just 2 bytes as a test to see if things are working.

From the FrontPanel API side, there’s no more instrumentation I can add (that I can see) to pinpoint the problem. All I can do is catch the ErrorCode value and display it. So I guess this falls to my partner – what could we look for, or what layer to pay attention to, to solve this mystery?

Any pointers are much appreciated!


Try to start with the samples we provide (DESTester is a good sample for Pipes). And work it back to find out where the problem lies.

You’ve likely solved this already, but since I just hit a similar thing, thought I’d post.

I’d focus on your pipe’s * _ready signaling, especially if things work okay for other types of endpoints.


For me it was double checking I had the correct # of okWireORs (rechecking size of ok2x wire would probably be wise).