The XEM3010-1000


When will we be able to buy the XEM3010-1000 ? one week ? one month ?


no answer ?


Sorry – must have missed this one. :slight_smile:

We hope to have the XEM3010 back from manufacturing at the beginning of December. It’s been a long wait for some of the long lead-time parts.


If we want to use the board without using the sram (for example when I only need 1.500.000 gates of the fpga) do I have to plug the board to the auxilary power supply ?

An other question, I suppose you offer facilities in order to use the sram chip with the fpga, how many gates are used in order to offer this API in the fpga.

thx a lot for you answer


Hi again-

The XEM3010 is configured to be self-powered (i.e. external supply). However, we have a ‘solder jumper’ to allow you to connect the USB supply to the board. Doing this, you recognize that the board -may- consume more than the USB spec allows a bus-powered device to consume. With FPGAs, of course, there is a lot of variability in their power consumption.

The switching supplies on the XEM3010 certainly make it more efficiently, but it is a notable caveat. Even with the SDRAM, a great deal of logic can be implemented in under 2.5W.

We have a very basic ‘cache’-based SDRAM controller as a sample. (you can download it now from the RAM3001 product page) There are other more complicated SDRAM controllers available elsewhere. We’re of the opinion that an SDRAM controller should be customized per application to get good performance from it. Our simple controller consumes very little logic and just a couple block RAMs for the ‘cache’.