Is anybody using the SZG-DUALSFP daughter board for a 10 gigabit ethernet connection?

I have this board and am trying to get it to work with my Genesys Zynq UltraScale MPSoC+ board, I just don’t want to make a lot of ‘shots in the dark’ without at least finding some code samples.

Is it as simple as just wiring the connections as described in the documentation?


P.S. If I figure anything out I will post here as well.

Generally, just wiring things up is a good start for transceiver interfaces. We produced the iBERT captures using our Brain-1 ( We have not used the Genesys board with this peripheral.

The next step, however, depends a lot on the interface selected and so on. For example, Xilinx Aurora is pretty easy to setup and get running. But ethernet is a bigger project. Are you using the IP available from Xilinx?