1. Larger FPGA
  • XC3S2000 to XC3S5000
  • 1st priority: Keep the same connector placement (JP2 & JP3)
  • 2nd priority: Keep the same form factor as the XEM3010 board (if possible)


Thanks Borden! (stay tuned :slight_smile: )

Although, the form-factor will be a tough fit. The -bigger Spartan devices come in much larger packages. Like 700-900 ball BGA as opposed to our 320-ball device on the XEM3010.


What is your schedule for releasing boards with larger FPGA. We are starting to get to the limit of the current 1.5M Spartan-3 board. A 5M board would be very much appreciated…


We have a 4MM-gate device coming that will fit the same form factor as the XEM3010. We expect prototypes in April with production to follow soon after.

Does the XEM3010 & the new 4MM board work with Addonics USB power cable?

This would be a great addition for your product line - either to use Addonics cable or build your own.

Please see link for description:


Any schedule updates for the new 4MM boards?

We could really use a bigger FPGA!


Please contact support at opalkelly dot com if you would like more information on the 4MM-gate device.