Suggestion to change okFilePipe documentation


We ran into some confusion when trying to get a simple okFilePipe working, and have some suggestions for the documentation page and maybe even the error messages.

Firstly, we copied the XML example for okFilePipe given on the webpage into our code, and were getting the error message “UnsupportedFeature”. It turns out that the example given has a length parameter of 5000, an invalid length for USB which needs particular powers of 2. A small header on the webpage stating what sizes are applicable would be nice, as well as changing the error message to something more informative.

It turns out other users have voiced this exact suggestion in a thread six years old.

Secondly, there’s no example for the filename field. It may seem obvious that one should write the full path name without single or double quotes, but it’s a text field and the syntax is not well defined on the page. Adding that in the XML example would be nice.

Thank you!


We have added additional language in our documentation to clarify these points.

Note that while 5000 is an invalid length for a USB3 device, this example was likely written with a USB2 device in mind where this is a valid length. We have updated the value to one that works for both devices.

Thank you for pointing this out.

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