Speed of UpdateWireOuts() and ReadFromPipeOut() functions


I am trying to implement an application. This application uses ReadFromBlockPipeOut() to transfer data from a data acquisition system to the PC continuously. While the data is transferring, we are trying to obtain the status of the data acquisition system using UpdateWireOuts() and ReadFromPipeOut() functions every second. This setup generally works. But the problem is the speed. We observed that UpdateWireOuts() and ReadFromPipeOut() is blocking the data transfer and the data transfer rate becomes extremely low. Since we are only transfer very small piece of status information using UpdateWireOuts() and ReadFromPipeOut() functions, it is hard to imaging such situation happens. Is there anyone who knows the issue or anyone has any ideas? Thank you!

my system setup is: XEM6310-LX45 connected to a i7 PC running Windows 7 through USB 3.0 interface. I am using VC 2010 to write the program. Thank you again for any help or comments!

All API calls are blocking and should not be performed overlapping. Please see the FrontPanel User’s Manual regarding multi-threaded applications.