Slave FIFO mode possible?


I am interested in creating a design that uses the Cypress EZ USB FX2LP and hooking it to an FPGA via Slave FIFO Mode. Is it possible to do this with the XEM3001 board? I don’t think it is, and I’m just looking for some confirmation.

I think there are a few needed pins that don’t seem to be hooked to the Spartan3 on the board, like FIFOADDR0, FIFOADDR1, PACKETEND. If I’m wrong, could you give me a pin# list of FX2LP pins that are connected to the FPGA? I’m a little confused by the changing of pin names between the Cypress documentation and your documentation. I know what some of them are based on your documentation, could you help me fill in the other blanks?


FrontPanel Host Interface pins

NET “hi_clk” LOC = “P79”; # IF_CLK
NET “hi_cs” LOC = “P57”;
NET “hi_rdwr” LOC = “P58”;
NET “hi_busy” LOC = “P81”;
NET “hi_irq” LOC = “P85”;
NET “hi_addr” LOC = “P61”;
NET “hi_addr” LOC = “P62”;
NET “hi_addr” LOC = “P63”;
NET “hi_addr” LOC = “P64”;
NET “hi_data” LOC = “P67”; # FD(0)
NET “hi_data” LOC = “P68”; # FD(1)
NET “hi_data” LOC = “P72”; # FD(2)
NET “hi_data” LOC = “P74”; # FD(3)
NET “hi_data” LOC = “P86”; # FD(4)
NET “hi_data” LOC = “P87”; # FD(5)
NET “hi_data” LOC = “P90”; # FD(6)
NET “hi_data” LOC = “P92”; # FD(7)
NET “hi_data” LOC = “P93”; # FD(8)
NET “hi_data” LOC = “P94”; # FD(9)
NET “hi_data” LOC = “P95”; # FD(10)
NET “hi_data” LOC = “P96”; # FD(11)
NET “hi_data” LOC = “P97”; # FD(12)
NET “hi_data” LOC = “P100”; # FD(13)
NET “hi_data” LOC = “P101”; # FD(14)
NET “hi_data” LOC = “P102”; # FD(15)


Hi Riley-

We do not release details about the host interface. If your intent is to replace the firmware on our modules with your own, you are outside the scope of our documentation and software tools. In other words, you’re on your own.