Setting up initial values with XML


I have a design that has about 30 bits that need to be initialized, and then user controlled. They are set up as wire ins. I tried to use okDigitEntry and set up each bit as either one or zero because this had the option for an initial value. However, when I loaded the bit file and opened the xfp file, the initial values are not sent to the FPGA until I go through and individually select each one. This is tedious to do each time I power on the system for 30 settings, is there any way around this? Ideally I’d like the values to automatically update when I run the xfp file.



Hello Reid-

This is actually a fixed bug in our recent 3.0 release. Please note that you can upgrade to the 3.0 release of FrontPanel without having to upgrade your device firmware or HDL. The FrontPanel software will recognize your device as the older firmware and should work just fine.