Setting up DLL for Matlab from scratch

Hi Guys,
I wanted to start application development on the Shuttle LX1 using Matlab but the information provided in the getting started manual was not sufficient or incomplete, and yes i have also skimmed through the forums for some help but there were no such relevant threads which described the preliminary set up of library for Matlab, and moreover the ones which are present are with respect to other boards and other versions of the “FrontPanel” SDK, and i have tried those, but of no use.

     I actually wanted to have a thread which describes the DLL set up for Matlab from the scratch, which might help rookies like me. So kindly please help me with the set up of the DLL for Matlab.

The system specifications are:
Operating system : Windows 7
System type : 64-Bit
FrontPanel Version : 4.0.8
Matlab : R2011a – 64bit
Module : Shuttle LX1 (XEM6006)

I have tried to set up the DLL for Matlab but met with some errors described below.

As given in the FrontPanel user manual, i have used the following piece of code

if ~libisloaded(?okFrontPanel?)
loadlibrary(?okFrontPanel?, ?okFrontPanelDLL.h?);

but i ended up getting the following error

??? Error using ==> loadlibrary at 441
Failed to preprocess the input file.
Output from preprocessor is:‘cl’ is not recognized as an internal
or external command,
operable program or batch file.

Error in ==> Untitled at 3
loadlibrary(‘okFrontPanel’, ‘okFrontPanelDLL.h’);

Note :- Untitled is the name of the m-file that i’m using to run these commands

PLease suggest proper remedies to correct these errors and help me in setting up of DLL for Matlab