setPllParameters.m bug?



I’m pretty new to the FrontPanel API so please pardon me if I’m mistaken about this. I’m using the DLL to interface with Matlab 7.0.4, Frontpanel version is 1.3.1.

In Matlab I do:

  1. Load the ‘okFrontPanel’ library
  2. libfunctionsview(‘okFrontPanel’)
  3. I get a window that gives me the protos for each function in the lib. The proto for ok22393_SetPLLParameters has one pointer and four int32 arguments.

When I look in the setpllparameters.m file in \FrontPanel\API\Matlab@okPLL22393
I notice that there are only 3 int32 arguments. Furthermore the calllib line uses only three arguments.

The reason I found this is that Matlab gives me an error saying “no matching methods” when I try to use the setpllparameters.m file to set the parameters for my pll.

The FrontPanel API documentation has three int32 and one BOOL argument for this function. The BOOL is an enable for the PLL output.

When I modify the setpllparameters.m file to include a fourth int32 argument passed via calllib then the Matlab error goes away and things seem to work fine.

The question is what does the fourth int32 argument do? I believe this is the enable, or in other words is the BOOL argument that the API documentation talks about.

Has anyone else gone through and figured this out?