Seperating OK library from my projectq


The Front Panel manual recomands to copy the FrontPanel’s .ngc files to the same directory where my source Verilog files are (see page 22).

However, the sample projects that come with Front Panel do not include the .ngc files in the same directiory (e.g. okPipeOut.ngc is not in C:\Program Files\Opal Kelly\FrontPanel\FrontPanelHDL\Samples\DES\XEM3010-Verilog).

This seems to be a cleaner organization of the files so I wonder how it is done.

I looked for path search configuration in my ISE 8.1i but could not find any.

How do I do that?




Hi Kam-

If you’re using Project Navigator, you can right-click on the Implementation process and bring up properties. I believe it is called the Macro Search Path for MAP. This will let you share a single *.ngc installation with several projects.


Thanks, it works great.

Now I just need to get rid of the “WARNING: en is not supported as a language. Using usenglish.” warnings. I get them on virtually every step of the flow.

It may be related to my environment (Ubuntu).