Sample Ramtester doesn't work with my XEM3050


I have a xem3050 with breakout and power adapter.
The sample counter works very well.

But the sample ramtester (for xem3050) doesn’t work. There are many errors (error code 127), Failed to load okFrontPanel_Construc … etc

At the end of the dos windows there are :

  • Frontpanel DLL Loaded
  • Device could not be opened
  • Fpga could not be initialized

We have Frontpanel 4.0.3
Pll configuration :
SYSCLK1 3.019210Mhz
SYSCLK2 3.019210Mhz
SYSCLK3 3.019210Mhz
SYSCLK4 3.019210Mhz
SYSCLK5 127.813230Mhz

Can you help me please ?




A couple things here…

First, according to the RAMTester sample README, output #1 of the PLL needs to be set to 100 MHz for the XEM3050.

Second, you need to make sure you aren’t running any other applications that could claim the XEM3050. If FrontPanel is currently running, you’ll want to quit it before starting the sample.


I have setting the PLL output #1 to 100Mhz for the XEM3050 and Ramtester works well (with frontpanel 3.0.11 and driver 1.6.527). Thanks for that.

However I have 2 problems :

  • If I install Frontpanel with the driver 2.0 (file Setup-Win-Win32.exe), ramtester doesn’t work.It only works with frontpanel 3.0.11 and driver 1.6.527 (file FrontPanel-Win-3.0.11.exe)

  • I have 2 cards XEM3050 (one has a sticker “ONJ” on the Cypress, and the other has a sticker “ONP” on the cypress). The card with sticker “ONP” works with ramtester (only with frontpanel 3.0.11 and driver 1.6.527) but the card with sticker “ONJ” doesn’t works with every ramtester’s frontpanel.

I have windows XP 32 bit on my 2 PC.



The DLL must be compatible with whichever FrontPanel version you have installed. Therefore, make sure you’re pulling the FrontPanel DLL from the same distribution.