Run FrontPanel remotely over TCP/IP with "USB to Ethernet Connector"?

I just saw on the web there there is a piece of USB over network software called “USB to Ethernet Connector”. As I understand it, with the software installed on both the server and client pc, while the USB device is plugged in the server pc, the client pc can remotely access the USB device over the network. My question is if I can run a XEM module like that with the FP installed on the client pc ? Has anyone already tried that ? Or O-K can tell if that is possible ? Thanks

here is another usb over ip solution: myUTN USB server - it is like a USB/Ethernet adapter box, which allows to put an USB device on the network, and to be accessed by a remote client pc. Can FrontPanel runs with this ? here is the link

okay, I found the answer for the software solution:
USB over Network from works well with release 3.0.x. Installation of the client/server software is super easy.