Reverting to version 3.0.11

I have a brand new installation of windows XP. I tried installing front panel version 4, but for whatever reason I couldn’t use it in the same way that I can on a different machine running windows 7 (32bit). Whilst I’d like to resolve that, right now what I want to do is revert to version 3.0.11, because I know that works. I unistalled front panel version 4, then installed front panel version 3.0.11, but when I plug in my OKXEM3010, it asks for the driver file in the folder for front panel 4, even though that folder has been deleted. How do I get it to install the drivers for verion 3.0.11?



This is a bit of an uphill battle with Windows, unfortunately. Despite properly removing a driver after an uninstall procedure, Windows often hangs on to associations within the registry that connect the driver to the device.

You will likely need to get into the registry settings to remove that. If you’re unfamiliar with Windows registry and drivers, you will need to refer to information online for how to dissect the registry information. Since each case is different, we do not have a suggestion on how to do this.

Honestly, the least path of resistance is probably getting FrontPanel 4 working. What problems were you having?

Okay - I’ve found what I needed to change - I’ll put instructions in a different thread.

see my old post