Resistors for DCI (Digitally Controlled Impedance)


I’d like to know if reference resistors for DCI (Digitally Controlled Impedance) are implemented on XEM3001v2. And if not, how and where can we put resistors on?



The XEM3001 has no such resistors installed on-board.

Thanks for the reply.

So does it mean DCI functionality, which is available on Spartan 3 itself, is practically inaccessible on XEM3001? Or is there a way, e.g. by manually putting a resistor somewhere on the board, to get it work?


You would need to evaluate the effort required to make DCI work on the XEM3001. We did not design it with DCI resistor pads.

The XEM3010 may be a better choice since it has such resistor pads available.


I think it would be nice if you could include a short note about which function of Spartan 3 are supported by XEM3001 and which are not in the user manual.

thanks anyway