Recommended method to Transfer data from PC to FPGA - USB3.0

My project required the transfer of pre-defined bulk data (approx. 1 GB) from PC to FPGA for further processing in RTL code. I am currently trying to use BTPipe to transfer sample data of 2048 Bytes (16 x 126 Bytes). But getting an error “Write to pipe at 156 failed: error Timeout” while using okFilePipe XML component.
The simulation of code used to write and read in BRAM works perfectly.
Did I misuse BTPipe for this high-latency transfer requirement?
Please advise, to rectify the error.

I believe most of the viewers do not understand my problem correctly. Detailed explanation below.
The Hose PC (Where FrontPanel is installed) has a bunch of data in text format (txt). The size will be more than 1GB. I want to transfer this data to the DDR memory of XEM7310. This data will be further read and performs operation by the RTL code synthesized in FPGA. I tried following.

  1. Used Block throttled Pipes for transfer.
  2. I tried both .txt formats and converted the equivalent .bin format as the input file. (2048 Bytes as sample)
  3. I utilized the okFilePipe XML component to create a GUI for FrontPanel.
  4. I used to enable EP_READY by using okTrigger at address x40, prior to transfer.

During the write operation (file loaded through okFilePipe), after 4-5 seconds receives “Write to pipe at 156 failed: error Timeout”.
Did I miss something here? Instead of BTPipe, Should I use Pipe and use loops data serially?
I wonder same code I can simulate without any trouble. Unfortunately, I can’t upload the simulation results.

Thank you for your attention.
I found that Block throttle pipe (BT Pipe) suitable for my application.
The issue was resolved by following "start a state machine " in Opal Kelly’s documentation.