RE:Maximizing performance with the DES example

Thank you for the suggestion,
I had already taken in consideration using SDRAM, and that will be my next step.
Regardless, going back to the 20mb example I used, considering the time taken on pipes already takes in account the time that it takes to setup the pipe connections, what other factors do you think are responsible for the remainder time of 661 milliseconds? This shouldn’t all be processing time, seeing as acording to the calculations I presented, the processing time for a 20mb file should be around 1/40 of a second = 0,025 seconds. Any ideas?


It’s hard to say from this perspective and not looking at your code intently to see how your measurements were made.

My suggestion would be to revisit your measurements and make sure you’ve timed things correctly. I suspect there may be a flaw in your measurements somewhere – as is usually the case when something ends up not being equal to the sum of its parts.