Hello to everybody.
I’m testing the RAMtester, and I’m changing somethings to adapt the code for my project.
Why does the test fail if i make this change?
–read function()
for (i=0; i < g_nMemSize/WRITE_SIZE; i++)
for(j=0;jWriteToPipeIn(0x80+mem, DIM_BLOCK, &g_buf(WRITE_SIZEi)+(jDIM_BLOCK)]);
where DIM_BLOCK allow me to decide how many byte are to be write each time.
All work correctly unless DIM_BLOCK is 32KB, below the test fail… :frowning:
thanks a lot

I was able to get a similar version of the code working. Here’s what I did:

for(i=0; iWriteToPipeIn(0x80+mem,BLOCK_SIZE, &g_buf[WRITE_SIZEi+BLOCK_SIZEj]);[/INDENT][/INDENT]

You should make sure that WRITE_SIZE is evenly divisible by BLOCK_SIZE

My code got messed up by the less than signs… I used the proper html tags here. The for loop arguments should be “i=0; i <g+nMemSize/WRITE_SIZE ; i++” and “int j=0; j<WRITE_SIZE/BLOCK_SIZE ; j++”