Ramtester not running on 6110-lx45

hi. i’m using ddr2 memory, so i tried to run your ramtester sample.

but i couldn’t get it running, instead i got this message.

---- Opal Kelly ---- RAMTester Application v1.0 ----
FrontPanel DLL loaded. Built: Mar 13 2011 17:14:55
Found a device: XEM6110-LX45
Device firmware version: 1.0
Device serial number: (deleted)
Device ID string: Opal Kelly XEM6110
[COLOR=“red”]FrontPanel support is not enabled.
FPGA could not be initialized.[/COLOR]

then i found this article someone asking same question with 6010-lx45.


and saw your reply that from line 121:
printf(“Found a device: %s\n”, dev->GetBoardModelString(dev->GetBoardModel()).c_str());

.c_str() might be missing. so i checked if that was the reason.
but the line 121 was corrected already so there was no code error.

also i suspected that the precompiled ramtester.exe might be compiled with uncorrected source file. so i recompiled to produce ramtester.exe from the corrected source file just to be sure but got the same message.

i have renamed the bit file to ramtest.bit and have copied dll file in the same folder.
so as far as i know there is no reason why it’s not working.

i am running windows 7 32bit enterprise. i’ll be waiting for your quick response.